Ain’t Slayed Nobody

Ain’t Slayed Nobody is a Gold ENnie winning podcast, bringing immersive tabletop roleplaying games to your feed! We feature short campaigns and one-shots using Chaosium’s Call of Cthulhu and other systems. We know you’ll find something you love amongst our experimental blend of narrative and actual play series with horrifying, humorous, and dramatic stories. Join our Discord server to chat about the show and become a member of the Patreon posse to support our independent podcast. Supporters gain bonus content, early campaign access, ad-free episodes, and they even help us shape the story. If you enjoy any podcasts from The Glass Cannon Network, Dark Dice, The Adventure Zone, Dungeons & Daddies, Worlds Beyond Number, How We Roll Podcast, or Pretending to be People, you may like us too.

Death Cave
Lamp Posts in Bloom
Blade Runner the Roleplaying Game
Night Bus by Scott Dorward
Of Sorrow and Clay
Down Bleeker Trails
Exquisite Adventure

The actual play podcast where the Game Master changes every episode. Discover these adventures alongside us, because truly… no one knows what could happen next.

Exquisite Adventure
Total Party Chill

We’re a bunch of friends who make tabletop gaming content. Actual play shows, reviews, podcasts, merch, memes, whatever really. A few years ago we started streaming, and now we’re a medium deal. 

Total Party Chill
The Old Ways: Blood Moon Rising

Rina Haenze’s Vampire the Masquerade campaign is set in San Francisco where yours truly makes the occasional appearance as the Vampire Sherriff Luther Garibaldi

The Old Ways Blood Moon Rising