Death Cave

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Death Cave
Ain’t Slayed Nobody

Join us in the van for a “seeker trip” through the Southwest in 1972, as we venture into the depths of a mysterious Arizona ghost town. In this episode, our investigators gather essential supplies at a local convenience store before embarking on their quest to uncover the rich lore and experience the mystical energy that surrounds the abandoned town. As the sun sets, prepare to be immersed in the stories and secrets of the past.

Series Length: 3 Episodes

Death Cave is a Call of Cthulhu 7e modern day (1970s) podcast series made for adult audiences.

Content Warnings: Death, Drug Use, Profanity, Violence

Player Characters

Ross Bryant as Keeper of Arcane Lore
Nic Rosenberg as Sunny
Danny Scott as Eugene
Scott Dorward as Mick
cuppycup as Fenix


Episode 1 – Seekers
Episode 2 – La Purge

Episode 3 – The Way Out