Blade Runner the Roleplaying Game

Blade Runner RPG

Ain’t Slayed Nobody

Walk the mean streets of Los Angeles 2037 with Willem Novak, Fenna, and Percival of the LAPD. This is Blade Runner The Roleplaying Game from Free League Publishing. We are playing Case File 01 “Electric Dreams” from the Starter Set.

Series Length: 6 Episodes

This series is not suitable for listeners under the age of 18 and may contain material some people find disturbing.

Content Warnings: Alcohol Use, Siren Sounds in Ambient Noise, Profanity, Smoking, Violence, Body Horror, Brutality, Eye Harm, Gaslighting, Harm to Animals, Surgery with Sound FX, Siren Sounds in Ambient Noise, Child Death, Children in Peril, Gun Violence

Player Characters:

Ross Bryant as Willem Novak
Nic Rosenberg as Fenna
Danny Scott as Percival
cuppycup as Game Runner


Episode 1 – From on High
Episode 2 – Skin Game
Episode 3 – In Shadows
Episode 4 – Killing Floor
Episode 5 – Eye of the Storm
Episode 6 – Electric Dreams
Additional Voice Talent

London Carlisle as Terry
Joanna Cretella as Esper Wall
C.D. as Chef Ono
Bob Danielson as Deputy Chief Holden, The Aurelian, Jelle Schuyler, and Squatter
Scott Dorward as Coco
Keith Houston as Taffey and Goon 1
Crystal Lee as Cycle Cop and Lilith
Virginia Lee as Quell
Erika Ludwig as Animal Memories Rep and Sarah
Hasti McCarthy as Iris
Yma Munoz as Medic and Spokesperson
Emma Onasch as Penny and Leah
Shawn Reimer as Noodle Bar Patron and Styles
Nic Rosenberg as Dispatch
Danny Scott as Goon 2
Shawn Smith as Concerned Tenant

Production and Creative

Scenario Authorship: Tomas Härenstam
Game Rules and Setting: Free League Publishing

Executive Producer, Audio Editor, Sound Designer, Music Supervisor: cuppycup
Content Editor: Graeme Patrick and cuppycup