Lamp Posts in Bloom

Lamp Posts in Bloom

Ain’t Slayed Nobody

Something strange is happening in a Toronto suburb at this Sunday afternoon cookout.

Series Length: 2 Episodes

This is a scenario written for Unknown Armies, but we do not heavily engage with the rules.

Series Content Warnings: Blood and Gore, Car Accidents, Child Death, Children in Peril, Infidelity, Gaslighting, Gun Violence, Pregnancy and IVF, Profanity, Self-harm, Suicide, Violence

Player Characters

Scott Dorward as GM
Becca Scott as Natasha Rowle
Chuck Lawrence as Jeremy Rowle
Danny Scott as Richard Ockley
Nic Rosenberg as Evelyn Ockley
cuppycup as Lenny Trevelyan


Episode 1 – Lost Flowers

Episode 2 – Homecoming