Check me out in the new ‘Daybreak’ Board Game Tutorial!

I’ve got some cool news to share – I’m in a new video about the incredibly fun board game called Daybreak, from game designers Matt Leacock (designer of Pandemic) & Matteo Menapace.

Each player takes the role of a different world power—China, Europe, United States, and the Majority World—with a simple collective goal: reach zero emissions before you hit 2°C warming or put too many of your communities in crisis.

I had an absolute blast being part of the project, from the moment the director, Richard Reininger, first taught me how to play the game, to the actual gameplay with fellow cast members Kai Liu, Lauren Lewis, and Rahul Vohra. It’s such a cool game because it leaves you feeling optimistic about the future, as in “yes, we can save the Earth!”, but also shows just how much work we -as a collective human species- are going to have to put in.

Stepping in front of the camera for this one was a great time. And to my fellow voice actors out there, a reminder that on-camera acting isn’t all that different from voice acting – I’m still inhabiting a character, telling a story, and getting people pumped up about something I love. Plus, I got to flex my gamer muscles (not literally – I promise there is no flexing in this video).

The video is your go-to guide for playing Daybreak. Trust me, this game is SO MUCH FUN, and the video’s got all the info you need to dive right in. You can check out the ‘Daybreak’ tutorial video right here:

Let me know what you think! And if you’re a board game lover like me, do yourself a favor and get this game!! It’s available now for pre-order on Backerkit.

Until next time, game on!

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