New Holiday Spot – ZooLights – December 2021

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Phoenix Zoo holiday light show Zoolights logo

Booked! A Holiday Commercial with a Sing-Along Jingle!

I was ecstatic when I found out I’d been chosen for this year’s “ZooLights” holiday spot by the Phoenix Zoo! Not only did I get to do my signature energetic read with a huge bright smile, I got to sing a Christmas jingle and be a total dork!!! It was especially exciting because it was my favorite audition of the last month. Which goes to show you – if you love it, they’ll hear it!

I was lucky enough to record in studio at Polarity Post Production in San Francisco. But that’s not even the best part – I actually got to share the booth with another wonderful human. And we got to sing together!!

But my favorite thing about this whole story is when I learned my 7-year-old niece saw the commercial and very enthusiastically shouted “THAT WAS UNCLE DANNY?!” then proceeded to run around the house singing “Wow wow wow whoa whoa wow wow….”

Now I can’t wait to head home for the holidays and sing along together! And eat cookies… lots of cookies!

I’m so grateful for the Phoenix Zoo, my agents at Stars, and everyone involved in the production – it was seriously a treat!

Check out the holiday spot here:

Phoenix Zoo – “Zoo Lights” – 2021