NPC Actor:

Season 1:
Jimbo, Dust Devil

Season 2:
The Compère, Waldo, Mr. Corbitt, Travis, Earl, Mr. Friend, Crowd



“A Brief Love Memoir of a Cemetery Troll”




NPC Actor:

Luther Garibaldi,
the vampire Sheriff of San Francisco



Danny delivered a wonderful performance for several of my stories. His range and  a variety of voices is really incredible and almost unbelievable. He really makes stories and characters come to life. Professional and fast. 

Pi Rational

Danny did an incredible job for us, reading 20000 lines of English for an AI translation project. With extreme accuracy, he delivered consistently over a 2 month period.

He was also great to work with, very organized, and his voice is impeccable- chosen by our client from over 70 auditions.

Hire him!

Tom Disher

Danny’s voice acting has transformed our mundane roles into engaging showstoppers. The rich and versatile character of his voice makes him first choice for many of our projects. He applies a dry wit and authentic emotion to every part, including fun interpretations we hadn’t considered. The technical details are pitch perfect and we rarely, if ever, need a re-take. Danny is a pleasure to work with, flexible and communicative, and we hope to use his talents long into the future.

Corbin Cupp, Producer, ASN