About Danny


Look outside the box and you’ll find the missing piece of your puzzle – Danny is a walking, talking ensemble of characters. Looking for a real and heartfelt performance for your game or animation? How about a unique addition to your toy or podcast? Whether you need a modern teenage hero, a passionate inventor, a tall-talkin’ cowboy, a quirky British android, or a gibberish-speaking alien from the Andromeda galaxy, Danny’s got you covered!


— Sir Patrick Stewart (It’s true, he really said this!)


Including British RP (or BBC English), Glasgow Scottish, Yorkshire, Manchester, Estuary, Cockney, Welsh, Irish, Australian, New Zealand, West Virginia Appalachian, American Southern, Texas, Deep South, Louisiana, Cajun, New York, Brooklyn, Bronx, French, Spanish, Russian, Slavic, German, Brazilian, Norwegian, and more!

“A vocal chameleon!”

— Eliza Jane Schneider, Actor and Dialect Coach


American English native; fluent in French, Spanish, and Portuguese. Danny’s trained linguistic ear is able to pronounce words authentically in almost any language, including Mandarin, Arabic, and Russian.

Need someone to speak your made-up sci-fi or fantasy language? How about other conlangs like Sindarin, Dothraki, High Valyrian, Belter Creole, Huttese, and Simlish? Danny can do that, too!


— Madame Woods, Danny’s High School French Teacher

Danny Scott is…

…the guy everyone wants
on their trivia team

…the class clown of the AP track

… a polyglot — fluent in French, Spanish, Portuguese, and “speaks Russian like a seven-year old”

…a lifelong lover of sci-fi, ancient history, spaceflight, Mars, technology, comics, animation, board games, and video games