About Danny Scott

Danny Scott is…

…the guy everyone wants
on their trivia team

…the class clown of the AP track

… a polyglot — fluent in French, Spanish, Portuguese, and “speaks Russian like a seven-year old”

…a lifelong lover of sci-fi, ancient history, spaceflight, Mars, technology, comics, animation, board games, and video games

fun, friendly, intelligent, happy, goofy, playful, versatile, empathetic, cultured, multicultural, jovial, lighthearted, entertaining, trustworthy, imaginative, approachable, engaging, sympathetic, smart, sincere, kind, intelligent, warm, genuine, energetic, musical, optimistic, silly, spunky, quirky, imaginative
I asked my friends, family, and colleagues to describe my personality and my voice. Here’s what they hear.